Agent Compensation


We sell our insurance products and services through appointed independent insurance agencies and agents ("Agent" or "Agents"). Because Agents also generally represent several of our competitors, our primary marketing strategy is to:
We pay Insurance Agents commissions and other consideration for business placed with us (and we do not authorize our Agents to receive other monies for our insurance). We seek to compensate our Agents fairly and in a way consistent with market practices.

Our insurance Agent compensation programs may include one or more of the following depending on the Agent’s overall business relationship with us:

In certain cases, an Agent may put additional commissions at risk and become obligated to pay us amounts if certain goals are not met.

As supporters of the independent insurance agency distribution system, we may provide Agents from time-to-time with tools and programs designed to preserve and strengthen the independent agency distribution system, including assistance with producer recruitment and/or training, loans, or loan guarantees. These tools and programs, which may be experimental, are provided to assist our Agents in the perpetuation of robust independent insurance agencies and are not conditioned on the imposition of extraordinary current or future production conditions.

We also distribute our insurance products to a limited extent through select insurance brokers which we compensate with some of the same compensation tools we use for Agents. If you have engaged a broker to place insurance with us, please ask the broker if any of the above described compensation arrangements are in effect with us.

Please direct questions regarding specific compensation to your insurance Agent.